GTA 5, the Best GTA so far?

Now almost all of us has played Grand Theft Auto at least once in our life. There’s no doubt with ever single release they become more modern than the last. Some have been really good like GTA San Andreas, and some were… not so good like GTA 3, which made me feel like I was playing a really bad flash game. After beating GTA 5 I’ve already come to a couple conclusions, some bias, but that doesn’t matter.
        Compared to other GTAs, For all of us who have played GTA in the past, there have been times of complete random and unscripted fun, such as terrorizing citizens with screwdrivers, or sending people off to space with an rpg. That’s really what made GTA unique. However something new and unforeseen as entered the GTA world. With GTA’s new world and combat physics, specifically the new First Person Mode, GTA can now be whatever you want. Motorstorm, Call of Duty, Need for Speed. Things like this have never been available to the player before GTA, now… They are built into the game.
       GTA 5 feels just like GTA was first made to be like, a completely open world, where you can do anything you want, whenever you want. For that, GTA 5 is the best one in my book.
        Let’s score this out of my 15 point system.
4 Points for graphics
3 Points for Realism/Sandbox
2 Points for Story
2 Points for Characters
2 Points for Gameplay
1 Point for Controls
1 Point for Enviroment
        Graphics, While the Graphics were great, they still weren’t as good as the Graphics on games like Crysis and Dead Space. I’m not saying the graphics are bad for it’s time, I’m just saying they didn’t do as good as older games,  but that’s understandable as this as an open world game. 3/4
        Realism, Out of all the GTAs, GTA 5 was for more realistic than the others. The health bar made sense, I mean in games like GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas, you would be riddled with bullets before you died. Now it feels like your character actually lives in the the realistic world he is said to belive in. Sandbox, Once again GTA 5 comes out on top, being the best GTA with a sandbox world, and does fairly well against other sandbox games. 3/3
        Story, GTA 5 had a really nice story, it made you feel like your character faces problems just like any real person, just overly exaggerated. The storyline was fluent until the end and had a really great 3 piece ending. 2/2
        Charcters, GTA 5 doesn’t just stop at making a really good character, no, they stop at three of them. Without question the characters instantaneously feel unique. 2/2
        Gameplay, This ones easy, what good GTA hasn’t had good gameplay? Compared to it’s time of games, GTA San Andreas, Vice City, and GTA 4, have all had great gameplay options, and overall it gets a 2/2 for keeping up with its predecessors. 2/2
        Controls, GTA 5s controls weren’t great, they were better tha GTA 4s, but they were still pretty bad. 0.5/1
        Enviroment, The enviroment in GTA 5 was absolutely stunning, from rocky deserts to the crowded streets of Los Santos, all were full of awe. 1/1
Making this a 4 and a half star game, or a 90% out of a potential 100%.

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